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A tool to overcome intercultural barriers foster cohesion and improve learning through non-traditional forms of education.

The most common actions under Key Action 1:

  • -Mobility project for Higher education Students and Staff (Erasmus+ studies)
  • -Mobility projects for Young people (Youth exchanges)
  • -Moblity projects for Youth workers (Training Courses)
  • -Youth participation activities


  1. This Key Action supported under this Key Action are expected to bring positive and long-lasting effects on the participants and participating organisations involved, as well as on the policy systems in which such activities are framed.


As regards pupils, students, trainees, apprentices, adult learners and young people, the mobility activities supported under this Key Action are meant to produce one or more of the following outcomes: 

        1. improved learning performance;
        2. enhanced employability and improved career prospects;
        3. increased sense of initiative and entrepreneurship;
        4. increased self-empowerment and self-esteem;
        5. improved foreign language and digital competences;
        6. enhanced intercultural awareness;
        7. more active participation in society;
        8. enhanced positive interactions with people from different backgrounds;
        9. better awareness of the European project and the EU values;
        10. increased motivation for taking part in future (formal/non-formal) education or training after the mobility period abroad.

Our KA1 Projects - Hosting

Human Rights Consciousness for Youth Workers

Training course | Ommen | 30 september – 09 October 2022

Becoming a media literate youth worker

Training course | Amsterdam | 13-24 may 2022

Human Equality & Rights

Youth Exchange | Athens | 14-23 September 2021

Our KA1 Projects - Sending

Youth Exchange | Spain | 20 – 31 March 2023

Youth Exchange | Burberino di Mugello, Italy | 6 – 16 April 2023

Training Course | Brussels | 6 -12 April 2023

Training Course | Segovia, Spain | 28 Jan – 3 Feb 2023

Care, appreciate & respect the earth

Youth Exchange | Athens | 14-23 march 2022

european group dynamics

Youth Exchange | Madrid | 08-13 May 2022


Youth for European Solidarity

Youth Exchange | Athens | 04-13 October 2021

What is Erasmus+ programme

Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. The general objective of the Programme is to support, through lifelong learning, the educational, professional and personal development of people in education, training, youth and sport, in Europe and beyond, thereby contributing to sustainable growth, quality jobs and social cohesion, to driving innovation, and to strengthening European identity and active citizenship.

Main objectives of Erasmus+

Promote learning mobility of individuals and groups, as well as cooperation, quality, inclusion and equity, excellence, creativity and innovation at the level of organisations and policies in the field of education and training

Promote non-formal and informal learning mobility and active participation among young people, as well as cooperation, quality, inclusion, creativity and innovation at the level of organisations and policies in the field of youth;

Promote learning mobility of sport staff, as well as cooperation, quality, inclusion, creativity and innovation at the level of sport organisations and sport policies.