#yEUth is happy to announce its participation in the Seminar ”Feel the Nature” which was implemented in Piispala (Kannonkoski), Finland from 04/02/2024 till 08/02/2024 by Piispala Youth Center!
During the Erasmus+ project youth workers had the chance to develop their knowledge and to find ways to support and encourage young people to connect with and respect nature.
For 3 days, they focused on participating in a seminar that included lectures, workshops, and practical activities. The participating youth workers were learning by doing activities outside in nature.
The seminar also enabled participants to create international networks for future cooperation. It was a great seminar through which all attendees gained a lot of knowledge, competencies, and new experiences.
The Dutch team came back very enthusiastic, inspired, and motivated, so we really wanna thank our Finnish partners for creating such an impactful project!
Gaia from the Dutch team shared her experience: <<Reflecting on an inspiring seminar in Finland I must say that I explored the significance of nature education, learned about Finnish rights and responsibilities in nature, and discovered ways to accelerate migration through nature experiences. Tried skiing, skating, and climbing, and fell in love with bouldering. Even experienced the burn of ice on my hands! Visited a traditional smoke sauna – a first! Excited to apply these insights in my work with refugees>>. 
Mariska, another member of the Dutch team, shared her feelings: <<Feel the nature. Out of the comfort zone. Learned about other culture and how they see life. Tried to ski and ice sceating. Learned how to connect with nature and what nature can do to my clients. It was an amazing rememberful moment. Not to forget.>>
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Leiden, the Netherlands
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