Walking Towards 2030

#erasmuslife yEUth is happy to announce its participation in the Youth Exchange ”Walking Towards 2030” which was implemented in Mollina (Malaga), Spain from 20/5/2023 till 31/5/2023 by Muevete por Europa! During the Erasmus+ project participants had the chance to learn about Sustainable Development and the SDGs and its benefits and how to develop their own sustainable attitudes towards 2030. 
The aim of the “Walking Towards 2030” project was to encourage participants to develop attitudes, values, skills, and knowledge so that they position themselves as active agents in social transformation and in relation to the achievement of the SDGs, with the ultimate goal of proactively contributing to the achievement of more egalitarian, inclusive and sustainable societies.
It was a really amazing project through which all participants gained a lot of knowledge and new experiences. Especially the whole Dutch team came back very enthusiastic, inspired, and motivated, so we really wanna thank our Spanish partners for creating such an impactful project!
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Leiden, the Netherlands
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