Stichting yEUth is seated in the beautiful city of Leiden, a city full of vibes from young people and students which are actually the target groups of our work: Youth Empowerment.


We have the vision and we are ready for our mission. We are lucky to have already acquired a rich and multifaced experience as individuals from our participation in various youth projects and we intend to enrich it and get the full benefit out of it so that we can multiply the impact of these projects in Dutch youth life.

We  work efficiently and reliably to meet the following objectives:


    • – Develop and implement initiatives and actions that empower youth, women and vulnerable social groups and promote social inclusion and integration.

    • – Plan, organize and implement non-formal education and training programs.

    • – Acquire skills and transfer know-how via training sessions and projects.

    • – Develop think tanks on human rights and foster sustainable development.

    • – Develop professional and social networking of civil society Organizations and expand their knowledge base.

    • – Design and elaborate proposals and  implement/manage  EU and other projects related to the general objectives of our organization.

    • – Participate in research programs, promote research and innovation and utilize experiences, good practices and synergies with bodies having related objectives.

    • – Plan, organise and implement events of cultural, environmental, sociopolitical and socioeconomic interest aiming to boost civic participation and to foster democracy at all levels of everyday life.

    • – Plan interventions to counteract unemployment and social exclusion, boost employment, and promote civil society’s contribution to the universal respect of human rights, peace and sustainable development.


We are open to all the comments, remarks, suggestions, advice and collaboration proposals from friends and potential partners and from our National Agency. We keep our mind and heart open to listen to you.

Alexia Kakourou (President) &
Georgios Fligkos (Project Manager)

Adam Nieweglowski (Young Entrepreneur)

Luka van del Leer (Local volunteer)

Leiden, the Netherlands
10:00 AM - 18.00 PM Monday - Friday