Stiching yEUth is thrilled to unveil its involvement in the youth volunteering initiative ‘APPLICATION&GROWTH’, that took place in Almussafes, Spain, from November 13th to November 22nd, 2023. Through the Erasmus+ project (2023-1-ES02-KA152-YOU-000133397), this venture aimed to ignite entrepreneurial spirit intertwined with environmental commitment among young individuals. 


‘APPLICATION&GROWTH’ was meticulously crafted to fuel youth entrepreneurship by spotlighting the possibilities within various industries across communities. The goal was to inspire the creation of innovative projects that harness existing resources, particularly recycled materials, propelling strides toward ecological transition and sustainable practices. 


This initiative employed diverse techniques to instill a deep understanding within the young population about the significance of crafting projects that optimize available resources. By fostering this mindset, the project aimed to cultivate not just better environmental stewardship but also increased opportunities for personal and professional growth. 


Crucially, ‘APPLICATION&GROWTH’ seeked to reshape the attitudes of young people, fostering the creation of youth-centric and environmentally friendly job opportunities. Through these innovative initiatives, it aimed to equip young individuals with tools essential for their personal and professional advancement while bolstering green employment prospects. 


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the pressing need to adapt and recalibrate industrial offerings. This project aligned with the European Union’s focal points on circular economy and ecological transition, mirroring the Union’s priorities while fostering local development and empowering its citizens. 


We extend our gratitude to the European Union for their support in this vital venture, which not only addresses the current challenges but also steers us toward a more sustainable and empowered future for the youth and the environment.



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