Violence2theBench: Preventing sexist violence through sports

yEUth is happy to announce its participation in the Youth Exchange ”Violence2theBench: Preventing sexist violence through sports” which was implemented in L’Orxa (Alicante), Spain from 20/3/2023 till 31/3/2023 by Club deportivo handbol Muro d’Alcoi! During the Erasmus+ project, 35 participants from 7 European countries were equipped with the skills and abilities necessary for their participation in a future society free of sexist violence. Through non-formal activities, the young participants developed and improved their leadership & critical thinking skills, as well as their sense of initiative. We would like to thank our Spanish partners for creating such an impactful project!
Sjors, the leader of the Dutch team shared his experience: << It was a great experience with a lot of activities and educational moments. It aimed at social aspects that are nowadays in the world. The week existed out of many activities, and workshops from the organizers and participants. We developed new ideas in the perspectives of inclusion in sports. Also, we did an excursion to a handball match to support them with positive chants. Although it was not my first project, I learned some new aspects from others during this project. Participation in Erasmus+ always gives joy, fulfilling feelings, and new adventures. It also gives new connections and stories that wouldn’t be heard in other circumstances.>>
Anjuli, a member of the Dutch team as well, after her first-ever Erasmus+ project shared with us her experience: <<This project was a great way to meet new people and gain experiences I did not have before. It allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and learn from others while making memories I’ll never forget. I am very happy and grateful I got to participate!>>



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