YOU-POD: YOUth engagement through PODcast creation

#erasmuslife yEUth is happy to announce its participation in the Training Course ”YOU-POD: YOUth engagement through PODcast creation” which was implemented in Morfasso, Italy from 01/6/2023 till 9/6/2023 by Sciarra Progetti Teatro! During the Erasmus+ project participants had the chance to learn about the methodologies used mostly in podcast creation which can be applied in NFE to implement youth activities, foster engagement, and active participation of youngsters. 
It was a really great training project through which all participants gained a lot of knowledge, competencies, and new experiences. The Dutch team came back very enthusiastic, inspired, and motivated, so we really wanna thank our Italian partners for creating such an impactful project!
Ida from the Dutch team shared her experience: <<My experience in Italy was very mind-opening since it was the first time I encountered such a great community. People were not only accepting and actively participating but also creative and caring. I found that I developed a lot as a person this week as well as improved my presentation, communication, and leadership skills. I have had many valuable conversations and participated in well-organized engaging activities hence I will definitely join another project in the future>>.
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Leiden, the Netherlands
10:00 AM - 18.00 PM Monday - Friday