HAACS: Health and Addiction Conscious Society

#erasmuslife yEUth is happy to announce its participation in the Youth Exchange ”HAACS: Health and Addiction Conscious Society” which was implemented in Tartu, Estonia from 01/8/2023 till 10/8/2023 by  Jussikese Seitse Sopra! During the Erasmus+ project participants had the chance to lessen the taboo surrounding substance abuse, and increase their knowledge on the topic.
For 10 days, they focused on exploring why some people become dependent on substance use, what are the different forms of addiction, how to recognize a potential problem, and the possible ways to support someone in your life who may be struggling.
It was a really great youth exchange through which all participants gained a lot of knowledge, competencies, and new experiences. The Dutch team came back very enthusiastic, inspired, and motivated, so we really wanna thank our Estonian partners for creating such an impactful project!
Aron from the Dutch team shared his experience: << Going on a project was an amazing way to make new friends all across Europe. Besides the friendships, I didn’t just learn a lot about addiction & health but I learned about other cultures as well! This was the most exciting part for me, and all the amazing people of course!!! Thank you for everything>>.
Also julian shared his experience with us: << During the project we learned about the causes of addiction, how you stop an addiction, and what are the consequences at the brain level. In addition, people shared stories of how they dealt with addictions. We made stickers encouraging people to do either drugs or alcohol and not combine them as we thought it wouldn’t be a good idea in the Netherlands to say drugs are bad and NOT do them because people will do them anyway. Furthermore, we explored Tartu’s nightlife which was really great. All in all, I met a lot of wonderful people whom I still have contact with today which is absolutely amazing.>>
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Leiden, the Netherlands
10:00 AM - 18.00 PM Monday - Friday