Stiching yEUth is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of its venture, ‘TrARTsition,’ which took place from November 21st to December 2nd, 2023, in Sevilla, Spain. This unique youth exchange initiative utilized the power of art to spotlight and address the critical issue of the climate crisis among young participants. 


‘TrARTsition’ was an innovative project that embarked on a journey to raise awareness and facilitate dialogues about the ongoing climate crisis through the medium of art. Yes, through art! 


Throughout the 10-day duration, participants immersed themselves in a collaborative artistic process, exploring various facets of creation. The culmination of their efforts resulted in the realization of 4-5 striking mural paintings that now adorn the inner walls of a public space in Sevilla. These artistic expressions served as a platform for engaging discussions, reflections, and learning experiences, especially regarding the imminent threats, challenges, and unsustainable practices prevalent in urban areas. 


The project successfully channeled collective insights, observations, and reflections into compelling art forms, encapsulating our understanding of the environmental issues faced by cities. By creatively portraying our conclusions, ‘TrARTsition’ sparked conversations and provoked contemplation among the public, fostering a deeper understanding of the environmental challenges we encounter daily. 


Through this unique fusion of art and activism, ‘TrARTsition’ not only encouraged artistic expression but also catalyzed critical thinking and proactive engagement with the climate crisis.


We celebrate the creative synergy and impactful dialogues that unfolded during this initiative, acknowledging the influential role of art as a catalyst for change in addressing pressing global concerns.




Leiden, the Netherlands
10:00 AM - 18.00 PM Monday - Friday