In March 2022, we received the great news that INSTALL, our first ever Erasmus+ KA2 Small Scale Partnership project, was approved by the Dutch National Agency!

Yeuth’s team is looking forward to beginning this 16-month journey, as the coordinating organization, together with our super motivated partners, “Neoanalysis” from Greece and “C.R.E.A.” from Italy.

So what does this project entail?


INSTALL aims to develop scientific and digital skills for disadvantaged youth. As we believe that scientific literacy is a key competence needed in the digitalised world as it enables youth workers to actively respond to contemporary societal challenges.


What are the objectives of the project?


1 Enhance youth workers’ knowledge & skills on digital citizenship & science literacy. 


2 Strengthen youth workers’ competences in working with disadvantaged youth & increase their pool of empowerment approaches aimed at enhancing core competencies & life skills for the 21st century. 


3 Enhance cooperation among organizations & stakeholders active in the field of youth empowerment, digital citizenship & science education, facilitating the capacity building of them through networking, methodological know-how transfer & experience exchange.


4 Provide a group of young people with learning opportunities that will equip them with a set of skills that are necessary for their uncompromised participation in professional and social life, empowering critical thinking and active citizenship.


5 Establish a partnership to research and exchange experiences in addition to good practices on digital citizenship & science education for youth.


6 Contribute to the improvement of digital citizenship and science literacy education by developing a set of non-formal education tools and methods that are tailored to the needs of the target group, through integrating end user’s feedback in their creation process.

Which activities will be implemented during this 16 month period?

1 Research on non-formal education programs & good practices that promote digital citizenship and scientific literacy

2 A 5 day Blended Mobility to enable youth workers discuss & test training contents & formats for digital citizenship & science literacy upskilling


3 Seven-day local workshops with youth to test the training formats developed in the second activity

4 An online digital citizenship & science literacy competition among youngsters from the participating countries

What will be the main output of INSTALL?

The output of the project will consist of a report with 45 best practices, and a Handbook with non-formal education methods for digital citizenship & science literacy education and learning quizzes.  We are looking forward to the upcoming 16 months and can not wait to share more information with you about the developments of the project.

Leiden, the Netherlands
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