INSTALL YOUTH Local challenges - GREECE

In a world that’s rapidly evolving with technology and the ever-growing importance of digital literacy and scientific knowledge, it’s vital that today’s youth are well-prepared to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The ‘Install Youth Local Challenges’ event, held in Athens, Greece, served as a remarkable platform to empower 24 enthusiastic participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the digital age. Organized by Neoanalysis, this event was part of the Erasmus+ KA2 Small-scale Partnership Project ‘Install Youth.’


In this dynamic gathering, young minds from various backgrounds came together to delve into two pivotal topics that shape our modern society: digital citizenship and science literacy. The event provided participants with an immersive learning experience, fostering an environment of collaborative exploration and personal growth.


Digital citizenship is an essential concept for today’s youth. It encompasses the responsible and ethical use of technology, including the Internet, social media, and other digital platforms. The ‘Install Youth Local Challenges’ event allowed participants to dive deep into this topic. Through a wide range of interactive and non-formal educational activities, the event aimed to instill a profound understanding of digital citizenship.


Participants engaged in hands-on workshops, discussions, and team-based activities, exploring the implications of their digital actions. They gained insights into the potential consequences of their online presence, including privacy, security, and digital etiquette. The event provided the knowledge and tools to be responsible digital citizens in a fast-paced, interconnected world.


In an era of scientific breakthroughs and innovation, science literacy is indispensable. The ‘Install Youth Local Challenges’ event recognized this need and offered participants a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge in this field. From interactive experiments to science-related discussions, attendees were immersed in the world of science.


The event fostered an environment where young minds could explore their curiosity, question the world around them, and develop critical thinking skills. By collaborating with peers, participants not only expanded their scientific knowledge but also learned how to communicate complex scientific concepts effectively.


The event’s focus on digital citizenship and science literacy was further enriched by the inclusion of non-formal education activities crafted by project partners. These activities are part of the ‘Install Youth Handbook for Digital Citizenship and Science Literacy Education,’ a valuable resource aimed at enhancing the educational experience for young individuals.


The handbook is a comprehensive guide, offering practical insights into the development of digital citizenship and science literacy. It encapsulates the knowledge and expertise shared during the ‘Install Youth Local Challenges’ event, ensuring that its impact extends far beyond the event itself. This resource equips educators and youth leaders with the tools to continue fostering these critical skills among the youth.


In conclusion, the ‘Install Youth Local Challenges’ event in Athens was a testament to the power of education in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. By focusing on digital citizenship, and science literacy, and utilizing the ‘Install Youth Handbook,’ the event provided a robust platform for youth to embrace the digital era and harness the boundless potential of science.

Leiden, the Netherlands
10:00 AM - 18.00 PM Monday - Friday