In a world increasingly driven by digital innovation, the significance of digital citizenship and science literacy cannot be overstated. To underscore the importance of these two vital facets, in the context of the Erasmus+ KA2 Project ‘Install Youth,’ an engaging online competition on the 7th of September 2023 was organized. With participants from all over Europe and beyond, this event was more than just a competition; it was an opportunity to empower and educate the youth in an exciting and interactive manner.


One of the key elements that set this competition apart was its fairness. Well in advance, project partners prepared and published a set of questions related to digital citizenship and science literacy. This forward-thinking approach allowed all participants an equal opportunity to prepare themselves adequately. By providing a level playing field, the ‘Install Youth’ project emphasized inclusivity and the importance of fair competition, ensuring that everyone had an equal chance to shine.


The questions in the competition were carefully curated to address the core themes of the ‘Install Youth’ project: digital citizenship and science literacy. These two areas are not only critical in the digital age but also integral to building a well-informed and responsible global community.


Digital citizenship is about understanding how to navigate the digital world safely, ethically, and effectively. In a world where technology plays a pivotal role in our lives, it is imperative for young individuals to be aware of their digital rights, responsibilities, and opportunities. The competition questions on this topic aimed to promote this knowledge and encourage responsible online behavior.


Science literacy, on the other hand, equips the youth with the skills to critically evaluate scientific information and engage in informed decision-making. In an era when science is advancing at an astonishing pace, it is vital to foster a scientifically literate generation. The competition questions on science literacy encouraged participants to think critically about scientific concepts and their applications.


Raising Awareness and Promoting Results:


Beyond the competition, this event was a platform to raise awareness about the significance of digital citizenship and science literacy. By organizing an engaging Kahoot quiz, the ‘Install Youth’ project demonstrated how learning about these topics can be enjoyable and exciting. It showcased that education need not be dull or monotonous; it can be an adventure.


Furthermore, the competition promoted the tangible results and achievements of the project. The engaging format allowed participants and observers to see the impact of the ‘Install Youth’ initiative in a lively and attractive manner. By making learning enjoyable, this event served as a testament to the project’s commitment to empowering the youth with valuable knowledge. Moreover, the three first winners won the monetary prizes!


In conclusion, the ‘Install Youth’ online competition on September 7th, 2023, was more than just a quiz. It was a celebration of digital citizenship and science literacy, an affirmation of fairness, and a display of the ‘Install Youth’ project’s dedication to educating and empowering the youth. By combining learning with fun, this event left a lasting impression, emphasizing the crucial role of knowledge and awareness in shaping a better future. The ‘Install Youth’ project’s message is clear: the youth are the key to a brighter tomorrow, and knowledge is their most powerful tool.


Here are the testimonials of the three winners!


Kostas (1st place, Greece): “This whole competition really helped me broaden my horizons! Now, I can say that I’ve got a better understanding not only of digital citizenship and science literacy education but also of Install Youth and their actions. The online competition was intense because of the amount of time and the questions that we had to answer but also interesting and fair. In addition, the handbook was a really useful tool and so well written that made everything understandable. As an ex-Erasmus+ participant, it makes me really happy to see other projects and parts of the organization getting more and more recognition! All in all, this experience was entirely educational, and I loved being a part of it. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity!”


Guilherme (2nd place, Portugal): Install-Quest was an amazing opportunity to improve my knowledge about digital citizenship and science literacy in a fun way, competing with people from all around Europe! The competition was challenging since there were a lot of questions and a lot of participants, but above all, it was very interesting and amusing! Thank you for the opportunity, and I hope to find more activities like this from different Erasmus+ projects in the future!”


Deniz (3rd place, Turkey): “ I saw the competition happening in an ESC Facebook group. I was interested right away. That’s when I filled out the participation form and downloaded the Youth handbook/questionnaire. I didn’t have prior knowledge of either digital citizenship nor science literacy. That’s where I think the competition worked wonders because I feel like I know so much now! The fact that this new knowledge is taught to us through a cash-prized Kahoot game was amazing because the competition was strong, and everyone had to study and learn a lot to win! I must say, the game was anything but easy, I answered some of the questions wrong and thought that I wouldn’t win at all, but later on I managed to come out of the game with the 3rd highest score! It was truly a wonderful feeling. I want to say thank you to yEUth for organizing this amazing event. I would gladly do it all over again!”

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