PROmote digital ACTivism through digital tools (PROACT!)


Title: PROmote digital ACTivism through digital tools (PROACT!)

Project Acronym: PROACT!
Project ID: KA210-YOU-4337A6FE
Duration: September 2023 – February 2025



ECOLUCIÓN: Ecología en Evolución [ES]


NEOANALYSIS [GR]       Stichting yEUth [NL]


The PROACT! project aims to address the digital skills and online activism needs of young workers and youth.


The specific objectives of the project are as follows:


– Enhance the competencies and skills of young workers in utilizing digital tools, digital storytelling, and other aspects of digital activism as methods for reactivating youth.

– Enhance the competencies of young workers to work with disadvantaged young people and prioritize the development of their essential competencies and life skills for the 21st century.

– Strengthen collaboration among organizations and stakeholders involved in youth empowerment, digital citizenship, and civic engagement, facilitating their skill development through job creation, methodological knowledge transfer, and the exchange of experiences.

– Provide a group of disadvantaged young people with opportunities to enhance their digital skills through non-formal education.

– Raise awareness about the challenges faced by vulnerable youth groups and promote messages of tolerance and respect for multiculturalism through social campaigns.

– Facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices related to digital citizenship and youth activism for disadvantaged young people, including NEETs, immigrants/refugees, and young people facing social obstacles.


More specifically, the project aims to promote multiculturalism and foster respect for diversity within the unique contexts of various countries, especially for the betterment of societies that include marginalized social groups.



Blended Mobility to improve the digital skills of both youth workers and disadvantaged youth [GR]


Blended Mobility on Digital storytelling methodologies [ES]


Virtual Activity: Methods of digital activism [NL]


PROACT Labs: local learning workshops [All countries - GR, ES, NL]


Development of the PROACT Manual by youth workers [GR & NL]


– Online Library containing interviews with marginalized youth.
– Digital Activism Campaign created during the Local Labs.
– Handbook with the project’s results, including non-formal education methods for digital citizenship education and good practices related to digital activism approaches and tools, and their potential to empower and activate youth.


All the project activities will significantly enhance the acquisition of information and shared knowledge among young people, providing a substantial boost to their awareness of pressing social issues. Through the exchange of best practices, the quality of their work will improve, gradually expanding their sphere of influence. By the end of this project, they will be better equipped to initiate transnational and cross-sectoral collaborations aimed at effectively addressing the unique needs of each local community.


As a result, the young participants will gain substantial knowledge and proficiency in the field of civic engagement in digital media. This will be achieved through their participation in two “Blended Mobilities” (BM), local workshops, the creation of a Digital Library of Knowledge (BDS), and the implementation of a Digital Activism Campaign (CAD). Additionally, a project journal summarizing the results of all project activities will be developed.


Ultimately, these participants will be well-prepared to incorporate digital tools into their daily lives and share their knowledge with their peers. They will ensure the continuity of the project’s ideas even after its official conclusion.

Leiden, the Netherlands
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