Successful the 1st Blended Mobility of PROACT project!

Yeuth is happy to announce the successful implementation of the 1st Blended Mobility for the “PROmote digital ACTivism through digital tools” project in Athens, Greece!
 The Online Mobility took place on the 7th & 8th of November and the aim was to provide digital literacy-related knowledge, skills and competencies to the young people. During the Onsite Mobility that took place from the 10th until the 15th of November, the participants were able to put into practice their digital knowledge and skills by testing some of the digital tools that were first introduced in the online part of the mobility. 

Regarding the Online Part, the young participants became familiar with photography, editing tools, and methods for generating visual messages using digital tools and platforms while experiencing new techniques of education for digital citizenship. On the other hand, during the Onsite part of the training, participants from Greece, Spain, and The Netherlands had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with basic digital tools such as Google Drive, Canva, Powtoon, Adobe Lightroom, Mailchimp, Trello, WordPress, etc., while using editing tools and methods for generating visual messages.
Leiden, the Netherlands
10:00 AM - 18.00 PM Monday - Friday