When you ask participants of international youth projects what their most valuable experience was during their mobility, most answer the exchange of culture between the participants. And that is exactly what the Erasmus+ KA2 project INTERACT stands for and aims to enhance by developing an Intercultural Action Competence Tool (IAC). As one of the partners on this project, we are really excited to share more information about this amazing program.

InterACT’S framework

All Erasmus+ mobility projects include a component of intercultural communication in a non formal setting, for example, through the organisation of intercultural nights and conversations between participants. INTERACT believes that more can be gained from this intercultural exchange. Therefore, a simple tool needs to be developed that promotes the learning of IAC. 

The output of INTERACT will aid youth workers to integrate this element into their projects without additional cost or effort, assuring that this competence will be fruitful for their lifelong learning process. In addition, INTERACT establishes a societal need, namely, dealing with an increasingly diverse and globalised society within which their tool can empower youth workers to cooperate peacefully and purposefully with people from different cultural backgrounds. 


What are InterACT’s aims and objectives?

The specific objectives of the InterACT are to:


  • Combine the strength of non formal learning with measurable learning outcomes


  • Increase the recognition of the value of youth mobilities and make the learning results transferable into other areas, such as formal learning or employment


  • Help young people to have a deeper understanding of the value of intercultural communications


  • Aid youth workers to increase their understanding of IAC and learn how to apply it in their daily work, in particular, if they are in charge of intercultural projects


  • Make the international mobilities more attractive to the target audience, facilitate fundraising activities and strengthen the cooperation within the network


  • Make decision-makers more appreciative and supportive of the sector

Who are partners on the InterAct project?

germany: KulturLife gGmbH

Greece: Entrepreneurship And Social Economy Group (EKO)

Belgium: Education In An Interdependent World

The Netherlands: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

The Netherlands: Stichting yEUth

Sweden: Mobilizing Expertise AB

Ireland: Dun Laoghaire Institut\











What will be the output of InterACT?

Amid the 2-year project, the partners will collaborate on generating the following output:

  • The creation of a mobile App “WeDoIt 4.0” to enhance key digital skills of young users


  • An educational movie and accompanying manual “Digital skill-up!” to aid trainers and educators in their work with youth, in order to provide adequate instructions for their digital upskilling


  • A declaration with policy recommendations directed at supporting schemes of remote digital jobs and inclusion of young unemployed people.


  • A series of learning and networking events, during which youth from different European countries will test the project’s outputs and provide their experience-based feedback, building the network of like-minded individuals and boosting their digital and creative skills.


  • An international social media campaign, which will highlight the novel opportunities that emerged in the post-Covid19 era in the business and creative
  • sectors