ADAM Nieweglowski

Stichting yEUth proudly presents its new young entrepreneur from Poland, Mr Adam Nieweglowski. Adam is a 26-year-old who has just arrived in Leiden, The Netherlands for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) Programme. Armed with Master’s degrees in Sinology and English Philology, Adam’s academic journey spans Poland, China, and Spain, reflecting his commitment to diverse perspectives. 
Fluent in multiple languages and a self-professed tech enthusiast, Adam’s participation in the EYE programme is a testament to his desire for innovation and self-development. His multicultural background positions him as a cultural alchemist, bridging gaps in the global business landscape. As Adam’s entrepreneurial odyssey unfolds, he exemplifies the potential that emerges when linguistic finesse, technological acumen, and cultural understanding converge in the world of business.
Equipped with a unique blend of academic prowess, a passion for languages, and a keen interest in innovative technology, Adam is set to redefine the boundaries of entrepreneurship. His participation in the EYE programme came after a thorough search of what he would like to do in his life and after his recent involvement in the Erasmus+ world he understood that being a youth worker and setting up his own organization would be ideal for him.
From our side, we wish Adam all the best and we are very sure that our collaboration will be very fruitful and helpful for his future entrepreneurial steps! Welcome on board to this entrepreneurial journey!