YEUth is pleased to announce the successful completion of another amazing youth exchange project within which all youth workers participated with great enthusiasm. The project, called “YES” (Youth for European Solidarity), brought together 72 young people from France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Switzerland, Romania and The Netherlands.


It was coordinated by the French Organization NUWA GROUP and was hosted in Athens, Greece from October 4 to 13, 2021. In this project, young people from different EU countries and different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds were given the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills to deal with challenges related to European Solidarity.

What were the objectives?


  • To provide a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and opinions on important social issues affecting youth lives and the future, such as high unemployment rates and social inequalities, as well as the danger of a new socio economic crisis due to coronavirus.


  • To facilitate the creative interaction of young people from different EU countries that would lead to awareness of their common European values, common historical influences that shape their cultures, common goals and challenges they face as citizens of Europe, thus enhancing their sense of unity and solidarity.


  • To trigger the development of a strong commitment to protecting European solidarity & stability, and active participation of youth-led efforts that aim to tackle current challenges.


  • To reflect on the state of European solidarity among Member States, address the EU’s response to the current health crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic, and explore ways to protect and reinvigorate the “union” in Europe.



During the 10-day project, participants engaged in creative non-formal learning activities such as presentation, role-play games, discussions and team-building activities. On the last day, the project was evaluated and the participants enlightened us about the positive outcomes of the project.