The HEARTS Project

How did we get started?

The Hearts – (Human Equality & Rights) Youth Exchange was our first ever approved coordinating project held in Athens, Greece in September of 2021. This hugely successful project hosted 50 young individuals from five different countries; Germany, Greece, Italy, Cyprus and The Netherlands. During a 10-day period, participants extended their knowledge on human equality and rights by way of participating in non-formal learning activities.


29-30 of September 2020 APV of HEARTS in Leiden

yEUth is very happy to have implemented the APV (Advanced Planning Visit) meeting of our first KA1 Erasmus+ project in Leiden, along with our partners from Greece, Germany, Italy and Cyprus. The APV for our approved youth exchange project “HEARTS” was held with great success and we want to thank all the partners (EKO Greece, NGO NEST Berlin, Associazione Viaggi Senza Frontiere Onlus, YEU Cyprus) for their contribution and collaboration till now. We are very excited and cannot wait for the main mobility to be implemented in Athens next March.

During APV we discussed all important subjects and issues related to the main mobility, the assignements each partner has to do and we also signed the Partnership Agreement. One representative from each organization was present, though from Cyprus the participant attended the 2-days meeting online. All partners agreed upon the new future date of the youth exchange, as the situation with COVID-19 seems to rise again and a second wave with new restrictions and lockdowns is coming

The objectives for participants of HEARTS consisted of:


  1. Deepening the understanding of the dual nature of human rights.

  2. Encouraging the intercultural dialogue by exploring the local realities.

  3. Getting actively engaged in transforming our societies into “societies for all”.

Joshua was one of our participants for this project, let’s ask him how he experienced this project! 


Joshua: “My experience in this project was great. I loved being among many youngsters from various European countries while exchanging opinions about certain topics, like human rights”


We look back to this project with great pride and want to thank EKOgreece for hosting this amazing project!



Youthpass ceremony


Informal learning