Ding! European Group Dynamics:
A future for young people

8th till the 13th of May

Madrid, Spain










It was a beautiful trip to Madrid with the support of yEUth and Erasmus+. The duration of the project was five days. I was a member of the Dutch team with the participation of several European countries, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Portugal, Romania and Bulgaria. I learned some Spanish words and also learned about the cultures of the participating countries. Many activities related to the title of the project, the most valuable thing for me is that i made many new friends. This was my third participation with Erasmus +and I look forward to participating in more projects in the future and I advise everyone to try this experience


Anas About His Experience in Madrid








I would summarize the project as a great experience to get to know how to interact with a very international group and to learn about their cultures. I appreciated how everyone was so open to show how things were done in their countries. I would say that the chance to interact with all these people is the most valuable thing.
I would a 100% recommend a project to my friends and I will apply to more projects in the future for sure. I think is a very didactic way of learning. I will cherish my memories from the gymkana of the first day since I got to lead a group, get to know new people and walk throughout the city.


Paulina about her experience in Madrid