ModernizeU: Bridging Traditional and Modern Economies

Stichting yEUth is happy to announce its participation in the Youth Exchange project “ModernizeU: Bridging Traditional and Modern Economies,” which was implemented in Planes, Community of Valencia, Spain, from 15th May 2024 till 23rd May 2024 by CREA360! During the Erasmus+ project, participants had the chance to identify and pursue opportunities that benefit their communities economically and culturally. They also promoted the preservation of cultural heritage, including traditions, craftsmanship, and local rituals, as an integral part of rural mountain communities.

For 7 days, they focused on participating in seminars that included lectures, workshops, and practical activities. In these seminars, they engaged in learning-by-doing activities outside in nature. The seminar also enabled participants to create international networks for future cooperation.

It was a great project through which all participants gained a lot of knowledge, competencies, and new experiences. The Dutch team came back very enthusiastic, inspired, and motivated, so we really want to thank our Spanish partners for creating such an impactful project!

Valérie from the Dutch team shared her experience: “It was incredibly nice to meet other Europeans in a small village in Spain. Together we learned a lot about cultural heritage and traditions that keep the village up and running! Planes stole my heart as the villagers were so welcoming to our group, and the environment was so stunning! From the start, we integrated directly with the locals, which made the project very special. The cultural nights were my favourite activity, where we heard and tasted the cultures of others such as Hungary, Italy, Poland, and Greece! It was a lovely experience!”

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