Successful filming of VISYON short movie in Noordwijk, NL

Stichting yEUth is delighted to announce the successful filming of VISYON short movie in Noordwijk,  NL, on May 29-30, 2024was based on the script created by yEUth’s  local group in the context of Erasmus+ KA3 VISYON project. The theme of the Dutch short movie was “Sustainable Green Europe,” aligning with one of the 11 European Youth Goals.


During two highly productive days of shooting, yEUth’s dream team, together with Tanino film makers managed to successfully shoot all the scenes according to the original script, in the most satisfactory way.


This project was an excellent opportunity for participants to learn new skills related to the film shooting process, having already learnt script writing in the previous project phase.  The team effectively encapsulated all the important elements of this important topic in the film.


The experience of working together on this creative endeavour not only enhanced our understanding of sustainable practices but also strengthened our teamwork and technical abilities in filmmaking. We are excited to share our short movie and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about a sustainable future for Europe.


Stichting yEUth extends heartfelt thanks to all participants for their dedication and creativity, making this project a remarkable success.


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