Two Scripts have been written and filmed during Visyon's Youth Mobilty

During the third day of VISYON’s Youth Mobility in Athens, participants were involved in a script-writing workshop.


The two groups of Visyoners exchanged ideas and worked on the first drafts of their scripts reflecting the European youth goals number 5: Mental Health and Well-being and number 9: Space and Participation for All. They dove into acting activities as well as building even closer connections to one another.


After finalizing their scripts and choosing their respective movie directors, all participants were divided into multiple departments and started their preparations for the shooting phase.


Tanino Films: Gaetano, Mauro, and Alessandro introduced the Visyoners to the filming process and dove into the shooting phase. All acting enthusiasts were guided by Visyon’s talented young directors who exchanged valuable experience with Tanino’s team.


They filmed two short movies. One, “The harder they fall”, about European Youth Goal number 5: Mental Health & Well-being will be finalized, and the second. “Take the leap”, VISYON’s a short movie that focuses on European Youth Goal number 9: Space and Participation for All. The filming process guided by the crew of Tanino Films went smoothly and allowed participants to show their acting talent, planning, and directing skills.