Defending the right to humanity for all


Yeuth’s team has some great news to share with you! The Erasmus+ KA210 “Defending the Right to Humanity For All” application, submitted by our French partner, ORULA, has been approved for funding!


The overall objective of this project is to raise awareness and empower young people to understand inclusion and support minorities in integrating into their communities. The project aims to promote inclusive and equitable education for all. Therefore, it is of great importance to inspire the younger generation to actively participate in decision-making and become familiar with the SDGs (Agenda 2030).


This will be achieved through the following core steps:


– Creation of an e-booklet with Best Practices from each partner country, promoting social integration and human rights education.


– International Training Course on Human Rights Education in France.


– Creation of an NFE Toolkit for the integration process.


– International Youth Conference in Athens, Greece on an NFE Toolkit for the integration process.


– Photo Contest and exhibition on Human Rights Violations.


We are more than ready to embark on this Erasmus+ journey and support young people to participate in this project, along with our partners: ORULA (France) and Neoanalysis (Greece).


Stay tuned for more; there is more to come!