Our Erasmus+ KA3 European Youth Together project VISYON project has been approved!

A great post-summer surprise awaited EKO’s team! Our Erasmus+ KA3 European Youth Together project “Values, Ideas and Stories from Youth ON stage – VISYON” has been approved for funding!

VISYON will involve an international consortium of NGOs (from Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia, Netherlands, Spain and Malta) that will work together, for 24 months, to:


  • – EMPOWER YOUTH through a series of local trainings and events on the 11 European Youth Goals, on the Digital Storytelling methods and on principles of Media Literacy and responsible media production!
  • – CONNECT YOUTH through the creation of stable working groups of participants, who will collaborate to create the scripts for a series of 11 short movies on European Youth Goals and meet in an international event to shoot the videos!
  • – ENGAGE YOUTH through the creation of a European Youth Diary that will combine the voices of more than 250 youngsters all over Europe with regards to their views on the current European policies’ efficiency to achieve the European Youth Goals and their suggestions for improvement!

yEUth’s team is ready to take up this challenge, as a partner of aEYT project for the first time!

The idea and  VISYON of our partner Mobility Ciape was turned with our help into a successful project plan! 


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Leiden, the Netherlands
10:00 AM - 18.00 PM Monday - Friday